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TransUnion Triggers

Monitor consumer credit account changes and respond effectively to risks and opportunities

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Monitoring of behavioral changes on your customer credit file enables you to manage your portfolio more effectively, identify opportunities and limit risks

Your customers’ credit behavior is driven not only by their relationship with you but also with your competitors, as they are likely to have accounts with multiple credit providers. Triggers from TransUnion tracks consumers’ overall credit behavior and notifies you whenever there’s a critical change in a customer’s profile.

You can identify customers based on a specified behavior or action, and set criteria and thresholds for key changes in behavior. Any changes will trigger an automatic alert that you’ll receive according to your selected schedule, enabling you to react quickly and apply the appropriate strategy for your business.

Triggers offers different alerts that can be used throughout the consumer credit lifecycle to develop customer relationships, improve account management, respond to opportunities and better manage business risk.

Apply effective account management strategies and incorporate Triggers with other TransUnion solutions for a more holistic customer management approach.

Product Highlights
  • Different trigger types available depending on credit lifecycle usage (ex: acquisition, account management, collections)

  • Configurable parameters in line with your account management strategies and campaigns

  • Option to set frequency of alerts and delivery method

  • Manage speed to market information and automate processes with DecisionEdge