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Industry Ranking Index Reports

Gauge industry trends and be more effective at gaining and maintaining a competitive market position

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Gain a more accurate picture of the Philippine market by better understanding the latest industry trends

Industry Ranking Index Reports deliver the latest statistics on booking, portfolio quality and delinquency information. Unlike internal data, IRI Reports use data collected from member institutions which give deeper market facts. Get insights on important industry information essential for senior management, business, product, risk management and other teams engaging in decision-making and strategy planning. These reports provide an instant, up-to-date, visual view of the client’s portfolio information, as well as market rank and benchmarking.

Gain powerful insights within the Philippine financial services industry trend to improve business strategy and decisioning

Booking Trend Report

Know how your acquisition practice is different from your competitors. Understand the industry’s booking trend and segments to determine and optimize your strategy to further grow your business.

Portfolio Trend Report

Understand your asset quality better and benchmark against the industry. Information in the report reflects the results of your acquisition and risk management strategies combined with macroeconomic conditions and consumer behavior. Having an in-depth view of your portfolio credit profile distribution and behavior assists with business decisions and strategies.

Delinquency Trend Report

Manage delinquency by looking beyond your own portfolio to knowing how delinquency and losses are trending in the industry and with your peers. Use collection key performance indicators, along with other credit information data, to anticipate your portfolio’s risk movement – in light of the economic cycle and overall market condition.

Product Highlights
  • Obtain industry trends based on an extensive data from some of the largest financial institutions in the Philippines market

  • IRI Reports cover different aspects of the credit cycle from booking to portfolio quality to delinquency information, along with performance ranking and benchmarking

  • Enhance your business strategy and risk management with the insights provided