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Portfolio Review

Enhance decision-making and performance with effective portfolio monitoring

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Review your portfolio to mitigate losses, identify opportunities and risks, improve customer loyalty and manage regulatory requirements

Macroeconomic factors, market trends and changing consumer behavior affect the quality and performance of your portfolio. Understanding their potential impact in terms of risks and opportunities is important to strategically managing your accounts. By paying close and regular attention to your portfolio, you’re better able to improve overall performance.

TransUnion’s Portfolio Review helps you address positive and negative customer credit changes by providing you with holistic information on customer accounts, so you can take action quickly to improve risk management and overall portfolio performance.

Use insights into your existing accounts to make timely and sound decisions on credit-limit changes, identify your best customers for retention campaigns, and reduce your exposure to delinquencies and charge-offs resulting in losses. Portfolio Review can also help you comply with ongoing regulatory requirements.

Product Highlights
  • Portfolio Review contains extensive credit data obtained from some of the leading financial institutions in the Philippines

  • Information can be delivered in different formats, customized to your technological and operational needs