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Credit Reports

Make decisions with greater confidence through deeper insight into the credit profiles of your customers

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Access customer and credit information to gain comprehensive view and make better informed decisions

Credit Reports from TransUnion provide information and insights you can use to acquire more customers, retain your most valuable ones and better manage risk. These reports are based on credit information provided and shared by member institutions from multiple industries, committed to maintaining high-quality data through the regular reporting and updating of account details.

TransUnion Credit Reports provide full overview of data that include a consumer’s demographic information, both positive and negative credit data are shown. This gives you a more complete, in-depth view of a consumer’s credit history, enabling you to make more objective decisions with greater confidence.

Product Highlights
  • Credit profile and customer information coming from the Philippine’s leading financial institutions and used by the industry leaders in their business decisions

  • Delivery either via DecisionEdge or host to host

  • Can be supplemented with other TU products & solutions for more information, faster processing and decision making