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Bureau Credit Characteristics (BCC)

A quicker and smarter calculation tool for portfolio profiling and analytics

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Gain a more in-depth understanding of your customers with calculated credit information

Bureau Credit Characteristics are computed credit data that can be added to TransUnion’s Credit Reports. With over a hundred characteristics available, you can select those that align with your business and risk management strategies to make a more accurate assessment of a customer.

You can use these characteristics to supplement the information provided in a standard credit report and build a more complete profile of your customer. This enables you to enhance various processes in your business, including identity and fraud verification, managing exposure to risk, and revenue and collections activity. The information you select is up-to-date and available quickly, helping you make better-informed decisions based on identified risk factors in line with your business goals.

Product Highlights
  • Comprehensive calculated overview of a customer’s credit information leveraging bureau data

  • Over a hundred available characteristics that can be used in customer and risk management profiling

  • Can be integrated with TU analytics solutions, DecisionEdge products or delivered host to host to subscriber’s system