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Use trended credit data to gain a more complete view of consumer behavior and credit history

Transform the way you evaluate and understand consumers

Trended credit insights derived from superior intelligence and analytics lead to more precise decisions across the account lifecycle, resulting in reduced risk and increased profits.

CreditVision Premium Attributes & Algorithms use account history over the last 24 months to provide you with a deeper and broader view of consumer behavior:

Categorizes card and retail trades as revolving, transacting or inactive each month and describes related behaviors

Identifies payment-based behaviors (e.g., payment ratios, excess payments, prepayment frequency and amount)

Index revealing direction and recency of balance change over the past 24 months

Captures balance shifts indicative of consumer loyalty to tradelines over time

Concentration, velocity and seasonal measures of total consumer spend

Presents general insights into consumer behavior for use across the customer lifecycle

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See how trended customer data can help you better understand card usage trends — driving growth and profitability.

Learn how trended credit data enables you to improve your personal loans acquisition program – reducing marketing spend.

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