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Gain deeper insight into consumer behavior and make informed decisions that benefit your business

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Solutions designed to help you improve decision-making in a dynamic consumer environment

TransUnion understands the issues currently faced by the telecommunication industry as well as future opportunities. Our solutions include credit reports, bureau scores, portfolio management, industry ranking reports and telco-specific analytics that can assist your business with:

  • Prepaid to post-paid migration
  • Stemming customer churn and promoting customer retention
  • Optimising average revenue per user (ARPU) and per bit (data utilization; mobile virtual network operators)
  • Tapping into new market segments
  • Mitigating fraud
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Identifying segments for upgrades to new or better technology
  • Building digital strategies
  • Establishing contractual rather than transactional client relationships

By leveraging our data, analytical expertise, strong global presence and years of best practice, TransUnion has been offering an invaluable partnership to its telecommunications customers.