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Skip Trace

Provides information not available on traditional credit reports that helps you find and contact accountholders

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Improve your collections performance and increase recoveries with better information about your account holders

As a collections organization, you want to collect quickly and efficiently by finding the right party, reaching them directly, and prioritizing accounts most likely to pay. The more accurate information you have about your customers, the more effective your collections process can be, resulting in enhanced collection rates.

TransUnion Skip Trace provides you with information on your account holders—beyond what you would see on a traditional credit report—which can deepen your knowledge and maximize every effort made to contact your debtors. You can work more accounts, increase recovery rates, reduce operational costs, and do it all in less time and with fewer resources.

Product Highlights
  • Gain access to more information to assist with collection efforts

  • Historical contact information shows both on-us and off-us data

  • Improved ability to identify the right party and most effective contact action