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Quickly turn insights into actions and make smarter decisions

DecisionEdge® is a powerful, adaptable suite of data, analytic and decisioning solutions that businesses can count on to help them make more targeted and actionable lending decisions. We’ve combined decades of best practices and expertise with robust business rules and business-process management tools to deliver solutions that power mission-critical decisions for reducing fraud, acquiring new customers and growing existing customer portfolios.

DecisionEdge Acquisition Manager

Acquire more customers and create profitable growth through faster, more accurate decisions. Deliver the right offer to the right person through the right channel. DecisionEdge Acquisition Manager gives you the insights, tools and flexibility to optimize your acquisition strategies and deliver targeted, efficient and automated decisions.

Acquisition Manager for Acquistion

DecisionEdge for Acquisition applies sophisticated analytics and rules-based models to a workflow system to help you deliver the right offer to the right person via the right channel. From capturing applications to recommended decisions, our decisioning platform automates the entire onboarding process for you in a flexible, optimised and efficient way.

Product Highlights
  • Integrate any variety and combination of data sources quickly and easily

  • Manage credit decision processes without the need to engage IT

  • Apply advanced analytics to gain insight and make the best decisions

  • Implement business and risk strategies tailored for customer, channel and business goals

  • Deliver more targeted offers while reducing risk and improving speed-to-market

  • Go faster—make changes in hours instead of days, weeks or months

  • Understand key performance indicators and assess decision strategy effectiveness and performance to continually optimize your decision strategy

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