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Verified Prefill

Reduce friction in online forms.

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Here’s what you can do with Verified Prefill

Build trust with consumers by transforming burdensome online forms into simple clicks, creating a safe, easy application experience. Our solution drives conversions by minimizing consumer data entry requirements while verifying each consumer’s identity and device against TransUnion rich data-sets.

Get IDVision with Iovation

Reduced Application Friction

Increase conversion rates by auto-filling application fields, reducing personal identifiable information (PII) requirements, and eliminating knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions.

Fewer Data Fields

Consumers will enjoy minimal data entry requirements during the application process

Transparent Authentication

Silently authenticate the owner of any device while reducing friction and increasing conversions.

Omnichannel Solution

Offered in multiple channels to account for individual consumer preferences, whether mobile, desktop or call center.

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