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Credit Scores

Identify different levels of risk, enhance risk management, better predict performance and improve strategic decisions with the Philippine's first bureau score

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Make informed decisions, confidently grow your customer base and manage risk accurately

TransUnion Bureau Score is built using Philippine local data from leading financial institutions. In general, the higher a consumer's credit score is, the more trust a business will have in that customer's future performance with respect to likelihood of defaulting and paying. Lenders are able to use a statistically driven tool for growth, financial inclusion and customer relationship management.


Expand approvals by identifying customers within your risk appetite - be it new to credit customers or those with existing accounts.

Account Management

Incorporate into portfolio reviews to better understand risk and apply the appropriate customer management and marketing campaigns.

Product Highlights
  • First widely used score in the industry to facilitate objective, fast and reliable credit decisioning

  • Used by our customers to enhance their existing loan approval process, build loss forecast and create product offers

  • A sound statistical tool that can be delivered with other TU products and analytic solutions via on-line or host to host