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Get TransUnion’s Credit Report Guide

Your credit report contains information about your credit history. It allows credit providers and lenders to make fast, informed decisions about approving loans and granting credit — sometimes within minutes — and helps you understand and improve your credit status.

What’s in a credit report?

The TransUnion credit report includes:

  • Your personal details — such as your name, address, date of birth, ID number and employment information.
  • Your account history and paying habits — whether you pay your accounts regularly and on time.

A credit report does not contain data on race, religious beliefs, political affiliations or medical histories.

Where does credit report data come from?

The information in your credit report is based on:

  • The details you give credit lenders when completing a credit application form.
  • Data from credit providers (such as banks, financing companies and utilities organizations) that are members of TransUnion. They must have your consent to obtain and share this information.

Download a sample credit report

To help you better understand your credit report, we’ve created a sample report that:

  • Shows how information is presented in the report
  • Explains what the information means
  • Provides definitions for terms used in the report
  • Offers tips on how to improve your credit score

To get a copy of your personal credit report, kindly visit this page to submit a request.

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Get TransUnion’s Credit Report Guide