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TransUnion Seamless Onboarding

Convert More Good Applicants into Great Customers

First end-to-end, unified digital onboarding solution

TransUnion Seamless Onboarding is a full range of solutions delivered in a single platform and API that allows for easy integration and flexible customization.

Leverage TransUnion’s vast offline and online data, analytics, and insights to create great experiences for good customers while addressing the risk of fraud.

Drive higher volumes of new customer acquisitions by providing a smooth digital onboarding experience that provides instant gratification.

Solutions suite

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Automated identity establishment and verification process ensure protection from fraud.

  • Confirm government ID matches personal information and likeness
  • Match personal information provided by applicant against identity databases
  • Evaluate whether combined identity and risk data suggest potential fraud
  • Ensure attempted login to existing account is by the rightful owner



TransUnion’s rich credit bureau insights can prequalify consumers ahead of detailed credit evaluations by presenting individualized offers to boost conversion.

  • Asses ability to pay based on actual or estimated income
  • Determine eligibility before authorized credit enquiry
  • Customise offers and terms

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Real-time activation

Real-time fulfillment of credit cards or personal loans provides a more gratifying experience.

  • Complete application digitally without physical paperwork
  • Issue virtual card or disburse loan instantly on acceptance
  • Present offers for other products

Less Friction, More Acquisitions

See how TransUnion Seamless Onboarding can help you convert more customers from the start.

See how TransUnion Seamless Onboarding can help you convert more customers from the start.
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