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Every consumer has a story

IDVision with iovation

Read between online and offline data to get the complete picture


Unique features enable you to quickly deploy strategies to fight evolving fraud tactics:

Unified personal and digital data
Leverages TransUnion’s comprehensive data assets with alternative data sources to create a true, single view of a consumer’s personal and digital identity for deeper insights.

Global network of fraud and risk insights
IDVision with iovationSM employs data regarding confirmed fraudulent activities and over 6.5 billion recognized devices in iovation’s global network for additional insights about locations and behavior

Advanced technologies for fraud detection
Uses state-of-the-art facial recognition algorithm with liveness check and Computer Vision Machine Learning to verify document and ID authenticity to protect against fraudulent activity.

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Solutions Suite

Identity Solutions

Use our identity solutions when an account is being opened or provisioned to verify consumer identity using TransUnion’s database and other alternative sources.

  • Facial Recognition with Liveness Check
  • Identity Verification

Authentication Solutions

Secure every point of the customer’s journey with our authentication solutions to assure the user’s identity and combat fraud.

  • Document Authentication
  • One-Time Passcode via verified phone number
  • Match live person selfie with ID documents

Fraud Solutions

Proactively identify fraudulent behaviors while reducing risk and back-office expenses with our fraud prevention solutions.

  • SureScore Predictive Insights
  • FraudForce Device-Based Reputation
  • Fraud Prevention Exchange

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